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Problem / Solution Backlog Voting:

We allow our users to vote on the next feature for us to build.  We do this by a process we call "Problem Voting" in which our users vote on the problems we should solve next, and it's our job to come up with useful solutions that we then implement. They don't always work, but it sure beats guessing which problem we should solve next without your valuable input!

If you're a user: you can vote directly after signing in. 

Here's a glimpse of what we're working on next, as per user demand:

  • Delete a team

  • Remove teammates from specific teams

  • Share images

  • Ask questions (create threads) for an individual update

  • Ability to change selection on an update after initial choice is made

  • Receive an email that says "everyone understands and supports the updates, no meeting needed" 

  • Turn a team name green if it is all read messages

  • Turn a team name yellow if there are still unread messages

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