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Most asked:

Q - What is a 'Pain Point'?


A - It's our way of giving you the power to choose what problems we should focus on creating solutions for next.

Q - What types off teams have used TeemDock?

A- Teams that currently do daily standups

A2- Teams that have regular meetings

A3- Teams that are co-located

A4- Faculty at Universities and their teams

A5- If you come up with a good use of TeemDock, tell us and we'll share it here! 

Q - What does TeemDock do?

A - It allows teams to easily update one aother and at the same time decide whether to have a meeting or cancel it. Side benefit: it allows teammates to feed off one another's milestones and successes.


Q - Why did you name it "TeemDock"?


A - Simple. Meetings are done backwards, someone chooses an agenda or agenda's are modified live during the meeting with detailed discussions happening in meetings. TeemDock makes meetings right again (teem=meet) by allowing the detailed work to be done outside the meeting allowing the updates and progress discussions to occur in fewer more efficient meetings.

Agile-related Questions


Q - Does TeemDock replace my team’s Standup?


A - Your choice. If you continue doing standup, you’ll find that those meetings will be shorter and much more productive since everyone already knows what their team is up to. However, if you choose to no longer have the standups, your team will still be more knowledgeable about overall teamwork, dependencies, and progress than when you were doing standups alone.


'How do I use Teem Dock' Questions

Q - What can I do to have success using TeemDock in my team?


A - for 10 workdays, hold yourself and your team accountable for using TeemDock daily. Usually, by the end of those two weeks, you'll find that everyone on the team has built a habit of knowing what everyone else is working on and sharing their progress effectively and efficiently. 




General Questions


Q - Why should I use GoalTrek?


A - We find that early adopters fall into 3 buckets:

1. They feel like it’s hard to know what their teams are currently working on using current tools available to them.

2. They can’t easily share what they're working on with the team.

3. Want to remember their accomplishments and the accomplishments of their team, but have no easy way of looking up achievements.



Q - What does using GoalTrek feel like?


A - It feels like everyone on the team is listening

A2 - Builds upon a culture of collaboration and transparency

A3 - It feels like your team leads have an 'open door' policy to everyone

A4 - Teammates are in agreement on team OKRs and alignment to the company's mission

A5 - Even the teammates who don't normally join in on the conversation feel safe enough to do so

A6 - Two-way feedback becomes the norm

A7 - Clear thought becomes the norm and vagueness the meme

A8 - Roles and responsibilities become visible to everyone

A9 - Team spirit becomes a priority

A10 - Time is used wisely, no more boring meetings where managers just want to extract info.

A11 - Everyone is a contributor, no more passengers 

A12 - Synchronous when you want and Asynchronous when you don't

A13 - Build trust between teammates

A14 - Increase friendly competition between teammates


Q - Why did you build GoalTrek when there are so many team collaboration tools around?


A - We initially built it for us to communicate as effectively as succinctly as possible. We were two entrepreneurs. We tried out the standard communication and team collaboration tools and felt like there were too many distractions masquerading as features.


A - Most tools attempt to give you the ability to be general and use the tool, we want to help you have clarity of thought by making it simple yet thorough enough to accomplish the required communication




Q - How long do I use GoalTrek before starting to see an upward shift in momentum?


A - From our experience, you will see a shift in the way your team communicates within 1 to 2 weeks of starting to use GoalTrek. Growth in momentum or maintaining a higher momentum will come naturally as your team builds a safe and effective means of communicating that they didn’t have before GT.



Dashboard Questions:


Q - How do I use the dashboard feature?


A - Your dash will continue to grow in numbers as we continue to update the product. For now, it’s an easy way for you to see if you’re completing your daily work in accordance with your plan.


Q - What is a streak?


A - A streak is the number of continuous days where you were able to complete all your stated plans (treks). If you miss one, your streak starts at 0 again.



Backlog Questions:


Q - What does voting on the feature backlog do?


A - We spend a lot of time meeting with customers to understand their problems, but we want to let you vote on which problems you want solutions for next.

A - We review our backlog weekly to see which features our users want us to build next.

A -  You’ll see that your input goes directly into our prioritization.

A - Vote away!

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