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Team communication is broken...

Too many channels.

Hard to find what's important.

Easy to lose focus.

Clarity = mission impossible?

not anymore:

TeemDock is here!

We just happen to be the world's smartest team collaboration tool:

We predict intent. So you don't have to spell. it. out.

We use natural language processing to predict the intent of your message. Is it a question, update, or request to meet? TeemDock makes it easy for you to share the reason for the message and not just the message itself. 

Clickable responses

Instead of having to think about the etiquette of the response 

Topic based. So everything in a thread makes sense! No channels here.

Each message is threaded with the appropriate responses and discussions. No more endless reading of channels to find one important piece of information. We use smart algorithms and tagging to connect your messages over time to tell the story of the project.

Clear and Concise Actions

With one click, TeemDock summarizes all the messages in your queue into an actionable list. 

Additional Benefits:

Replace or enhance recurring updates or meetings.

Critical issues are discussed asap (naturally).

Visibility increases spontaneous Teammate support.

Team agreement is measured on every issue.

Teams find psychological safety and everyone's voice is heard.

Top achievements are easily referenced by manager and front line.

Hard work is never forgotten.

Critical issues are discussed asap (naturally).


surfaces before it's a major issue.

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